AJLI (Azabu Japanese Language service) is a small-sized and extremely friendly school, established in 1997 to teach Japanese to students from overseas. AJLS is in central Tokyo, We offer a wide range of courses to students aged 18 and above.company

Our Policy

Our aim is to enable and improve your communication with the Japanese people. We happily help members of Japanfs foreign community get the most out of their stay in Japan. Besides Japanese language skills, our classes provide cultural background information as well. Azabu Japanese Language Institute teachers will explain Japanese characters and social customs to you during conversation lessons.

With Japanfs society rapidly changing, we keep you up to date on unwritten communication rules. From the first lesson, language and Japanese etiquette are interconnected. While gradually improving your use of Japanese, you will naturally deploy your social skills in parallel. This combination is of essential value to your communication in Japan.

To enhance your business communication with the Japanese, our teachers provide you with a sound base of business language. We help you to quickly learn important expressions for your field of business. 

Whatever your occupation or interests may be, Azabu Japanese Language Institute is the perfect place to study in friendly and most efficient way

Our teachers
Our teaching staffs are crucial to your success and have been recruited not only for their qualifications and experience but also for their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication.

All our instructors hold a qualification and various other diplomas in teaching Japanese. In addition they are highly experienced professionals and can teach Japanese language of Business, Law, Marketing, Computer, and Arts etc.

You will soon discover that our teachers are friendly, caring and patient and will ensure that your lessons are productive, effective and enjoyable.