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INTENSIVE Course Facts

 Intensive (Five -Days course)  
  Location Azabu-juban classroom 
Nakano-sakaue classroom 
  Your requested place; 
your office,your home, cafe,etc.
Course days Monday to Friday five times a week  You can choose.
Number of hours 
per month
40 hours per month, 2,0 hours per day  40 hours per month, 2,0 hours per day
 Course length  Four weeks (20 days) +  Four weeks (20 days) +
Timetable Azabu-juban: between 8:30 and 12:30
 We can discuss.
 Start Dates  First day of the month   Any day, any time
Levels Elementary to Advance  Elementary to Advance
 Minimum Age 18  6
 Registration Fee  None/ From overseas: 5,000 yen  None
 Tuition Fee  161,200 yen + tax (8%)   128,000 yen + tax(8%)
 Textbook  Necessary  Necessary
Others    Transportation fee is not included in the fee.

Cancellation and refund Policy

After the first class, no refunds will be issued and no fee credit for enrollment into future classes will be allowed. All bank service charges are deducted when the refund transfer is made.
After accepting your cancellation, we will transfer within one month.If a course applied to be cancelled by Azabu JapaneseLanguage School, the entire tuition fee will be refund.
Thank you for your understanding 

 Date of cancellation  cancellation charge
 31 days before the starting date  no charge
 16-30 days before the starting date  20 % of the total
 1-15 days before the starting date  50 % of the total
 on and after the starting date  100 % of the total


Enrolling procedure:

1.   Fill out the application form and answer the questionnaire, out the necessary information in the school entrance application documents (application form and questioner) and send to us.

2.   Complete the level check test sent form us and send us. The level check is necessary exception complete beginners.

3.   We send an invoice. Transfer your tuition fee from your bank or bring it. On confirmation of payment of your fee, you will be enrolled as a member of the course, and your position will be reserved.