Textbook  Target  Complete beginners
  Goals  *Basic usage of nouns, verbs, adjectives (732 words)
*Basic conversation for essential everyday situations (greeting,self-introduction, telling time, using telephone, inviting, asking, directions, requesting, etc.)
*Reading and writing hiragana,katakana
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Beginner 1 (Octber 1- 31/ 9:45-11:45)HEADLINE

Japanese For Busy People 1

   Chapter Topic   Grammar points
  1   1/2 Introduction
ko/so/a, what, whose
  2   2/3 Telling time Asking tel. number
Telling time
  3   4 Shopping Asking and answering how much things cost
  4   5 Shopping Buying something in a shop
Ordering food
 5   6 Going and Coming Coming/Going/Returning
  6  7 Visiting Visiting someonefs home
Year, month, the days of month, the days of week
  7   8 Existence Existence of things and people
  8   9 Location Asking location
  9   10 Daily activities Describing daily life 1
 10   11 Telephoning Describing daily life 2
 11   12 Expressing about things Adjectives (present tense)
 12   13/14 Giving and Receiving Giving and Receiving
Adjectives (past tense)
 13   15/16 Invitation Invitation/Event
 14   16/17 Offering service Offering service/ownership
 15   17 Using of te-form How to make te-forms of verbs
Connective sentences
 16   18 Request and Orders Request  (verb-te + kudasai)
 17   19 Public transportation Describing your commuting
 18   20/21 Permission
Asking permission
How to make nai-form of verbs
Negative request
 19   22/23 Now in progress
Present condition
On going actions/Habitual actionsEReputations Current state
 20   24/25 Expressing about things
Like/be good at/understand
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